In our ongoing effort to provide the best user experience possible, BikeMartSG is announcing our partnership with onlinebicycle to enhance our e-commerce capability. With effect from 19 Sept 2022, BikeMartSG customers can look forward the shop section of the website powered by onlinebicycle.


We have shifted our mechanic workshop to Inkedmechanic. BikeMartSG will no longer provide in-store repairs, labour, installation and servicing. Kindly direct these requests to our affiliate mechanic, Inkedmechanic.



3005 Ubi Ave 3, #01-58, Singapore 408861


自行车店 | 二手自行车店 | 公路车店新加坡


自2017年以来,Bikemart SG 至今已在新加坡成为唯一且众所周知的二手自行车经销商。

最初的爱好现在变成了我们的热诚,我们很高兴与您分享. 我们的服务令许多顾客而满意,我们为此感到自豪并期待在未来的几年中继续我们的工作!



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星期天-二和公定假日 : 休息

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